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Longstreet Elder Law

Rob Longstreet, Attorney at Law

Rob has specialized in Medicaid and nursing home legal issues for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he continues to educate himself on the ever-changing rules regarding Medicaid eligibility, which are updated several times each year. With this in-depth knowledge and understanding of Medicaid and nursing home law, he is uniquely positioned to help his clients better understand their options, which results in fewer questions and cost savings. He regularly presents seminars and publishes updates regarding Medicaid and long-term care issues.

Rob is a graduate of Alma College and Wayne State University School of Law and a previous partner in the firm Gee & Longstreet, LLP. Now operating his own practice as Longstreet Elder Law and Estate Planning, PC, Mr. Longstreet takes great pride in focusing his efforts in all areas related to Elder Law including Medicaid, nursing home and estate planning issues.

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